published August 23, 2010 by Matt Livingston

10 Tips for Early Arkansas Goose Season

Hunting Arkansas Resident CanadasThe resident Arkansas Canada Goose population has exploded over the past few years. In response, the AGFC has created an Early Canada Goose Season which kicks off on September 1st and runs through goes to September 15th. The bag limit is five.

This early goose season is often overlooked because people think these are park or pet geese. But rest-assured, the resident geese are not stupid birds, they know the lay of the land. These 10 tips for Early Arkansas Goose Season will help you overcome the advantage they have on you and help you bag more birds.

  1. When looking for geese, scout in the evening. These geese like to feed in the evening so likely roosting there or close will make a morning  hunt more successful.
  2. These geese eat alot of different grains and grass seed besides the normal crops, so don’t get discouraged if you can’t find a fresh corn field close by.
  3. Once you have found them, check out the highest point in the field. Geese will lite on the biggest hump, hill, or mound, then the’lly tend to walk around grazing, so set up  your decoys in groups around that point — but not on the point.
  4. Unlike during the fall when the migrators come down, these residents tend to work better with smaller groups of decoys, so a couple dozen or less will get the job done.

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