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2009-10 early duck and dove season proposed


LAKE VILLAGE – The unofficial opening of Arkansas’s fall hunting season was one of the main topics at last week’s meeting of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. As an added bonus this year, dove hunters may get extra days to enjoy their passion. The opening of dove season is the date many Arkansans point to for the fall hunting seasons in the state. Arkansas Dove hunting season

Last season, Arkansas dove hunters had a 60-day season, but under the new proposal the season would be extended to 70 days. Final approval for the seasons will take place during the Commission’s meeting in July.

Two season proposals were presented to the commission:

Mourning Dove and Eurasian Collared Dove

Saturday opening:
Sept. 5 – Oct. 18
Dec. 5 – 30
Season length and bag limit: 70 days, 15 bird daily bag

Special Early Teal Season

Option 1: (16-day Framework): Sept. 12 – Sept. 27
Option 2: (9-day Framework): Sept. 19 – Sept. 27
Daily bag limit: 4 birds
Season length will depend on approved federal frameworks.

The Commission also was presented with a proposal for the statewide special early Canada goose season. If approved, the dates would be Sept. 1 to Sept. 15 with a 5 bird daily bag.

Arkansas Outdoors Online wants to know what you think about the longer dove season. Head over to our Arkansas dove hunting forum and voice your opinion on the proposed seasons.

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