published February 16, 2011 by Matt Livingston

2010-2011 Arkansas Waterfowl Photo Contest

This year’s Arkansas waterfowl photo contest had a very good turn out. We had well over 3,500 votes cast and dozens of great photos. However, there can only be 3 winners. We have two Killer Kallz southern breeze series ducks calls, and one Tanglefree floating island with full body decoys to give away. The winner gets first pick at the stash, 2nd places gets second pick and 3rd place gets dibs on what ever is left. All of the winners will be notified via email this week with further directions.

We appreciate all of the submissions and all of the vote,s, and we look forward to the contest next year with more photos and even bigger prizes.

Check out the winning photos over in the Arkansas Duck Hunting Forum. And, you can see all of this year’s contest entries here: Arkansas Duck Hunting Photo Contest.

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