published October 5, 2010 by Ben Adams

2010 Arkansas Rut Report Map

Are the whitetails in your are rutting? Have you witnessed behavior indicative of the rut such as fresh scrapes, chasing activity or fighting? Or maybe, you haven’t seen anything at all, and you’re just wondering what the heck is going on?

With the Arkansas Rut Report Map back for it’s second season, you’ve got the chance to share your  rut activity observations with other hunters around the Natural State. Our region-by-region map allows you to select your specific hunting area, read reports from other hunters on the ground, and post your own sightings.

New this year is the ability to sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo account to share you thoughts with your hunting buddies. Of course, you can always just post as a guest if you wish.

The rut is creeping up on us fast, so get caught up on the latest whitetail activity with the only report dedicated to the Arkansas rut! Arkansas Rut Report Map

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