published November 14, 2009 by Ben Adams

Wildlife Photography Tips

Buck-Fight031Well it’s that time of year again: deer season.

Are you ready? Do you have your gun sighted in? Camo washed in no-scent detergent? I bet so!

But what about your camera?  Do you have it sighted in? Right aperture? Correct shutter speed? How about ISO?

If you make it a habit of taking your camera into the woods with you while hunting, as many hunters do, it’s just as important to prepare your camera for the woods as it is your gun, camo, or other field gear.

Why? Because one of the most frustrating aspects of taking pictures in the field is getting those special hunting or fishing pictures back too dark, too light or too blurry — special moments of your grandsons or daughters first buck that you can’t get back … gone forever.

Here are a few tips that I hope will help you be able to pull that camera out of the bag in the heat of the moment and preserve these memories for everyone not only to see, but to feel and relive.

Find the full list of tips by contributing writer & photographer Todd Whetstine in the forum.

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