published September 15, 2008 by Matt Livingston

8 Tips for Finding an Arkansas Duck Hunting Guide

A member of our Arkansas duck hunting forum has had several people ask him about finding the perfect Arkansas duck hunting guide. So he offered-up 8 tips for finding the best Arkansas duck hunting guide for you. The post is in the forums, but i decided to make this a front page blog as well.

8. Where do you want to duck hunt in Arkansas? This decision is crucial to how much you will spend on your trip, but not necessarily a good indicator of how many ducks you will kill. I personally have had the chance to hunt some of the best private land on the east side of the state all the way from north of Jonesboro to the Arkansas/Louisiana border and have killed ducks in every location.

7. Does this Arkansas duck hunting guide service have a website? If not, keep searching. In this age of technology, anyone can have a website — even the smallest of businesses. The website is needed to show pictures of the lodge, hunts, blinds, etc.

6. On this Arkansas duck hunting guide website make sure they have pictures of past hunts. This is pretty important as well, but again, not necessarily the best indicator of the amount of ducks you will kill. This is important to see a consistent amount of big fat Arkansas mallard drakes over the span of several duck hunts.

Going to continue the list over in the Arkansas Duck Hunting Forum

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