published November 18, 2008 by Ben Adams

Deer Hunting: Rifle Shooting Tips

We know exactly what it sounds like. Hooves meeting leaves. Twigs snapping. Branches breaking. Maybe even a grunt.

As a hunter, the sounds of a deer heading right for you is, well, music to the ears. It gets the body’s adrenaline pumping more than any major sporting event, or even your wife’s best romance novel is capable of doing.

You can only hope that the sound produces the buck of a lifetime. Deer Rifle Shooting TipsIt’s what we all work and hope for as hunters. But seeing the buck is one thing, deciding when to shoot—and putting a good shot on it once the decision is made—is another.

Check out these rifle shooting tips so you will be ready the next time that once in a lifetime buck pops out in front of you.

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