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Arkansas Deer Hunting

2017 Arkansas Deer Season Bow Opener

The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally upon us, 2017 bow season opens today across the state! Thousands of hunters will be making their way into the woods with bow in hand, hoping to connect with the buck they’ve been watching or to fill their freezer.  Whatever your reason, today is an exciting […]

Arkansas Deer Hunting

Gov. Hutchinson Appoints Stan Jones as New AGFC Commissioner

Stan Jones a long time native of Walnut Ridge AR has been recently appointed the Commissioner of the AGFC for a 7 year term. Gov. Hutchinson talks on Jones; “As a fellow hunter and conservationist, I understand how critical it is to appoint a leader who dearly loves all the natural resources that Arkansas has to offer,”. […]

Arkansas Fishing

Buck Finn’s Geauxrilla Flotilla- July 15

Buck Finn’s Geauxrilla Flotilla (BFGF) is an annual float trip down the White River from Clarendon to St. Charles held on the White River National Wildlife Refuge.  The event came about when Louis “Buck Finn” Gibbs planned on floating his house boat down the river from Clarendon to St. Charles.  People were excited about floating […]

Wildlife Management

Wildlife Tip #2 Bushhogging

I understand most of you are reading this asking “Bushhogging? Really? Do I really need a tip about how to mow my property?” and I understand.  This brief article isn’t about how to run a tractor or how to use a bush hog.  I’m here to pass on some simple tips about managing for wildlife […]

Arkansas Duck Hunting

Bass Pro Little Rock Celebrates Release of Federal Duck Stamp

Today June 23, is the first day of sale for the 2017-18 Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp.  Bass Pro Shops in Little Rock will be holding an event celebrating the first day of sale and also selling the first Federal Duck Stamp of the year. The event begins at 11 a.m. This years […]

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AGFC Approves New Waterfowl Regulations

After much complaint from waterfowl hunters in Arkansas, the AGFC has decided to address the issue of overcrowding of waterfowl hunters on the state’s Waterfowl Management Areas.  According to surveys of Arkansas residen...
by David Faulk


Killer Kallz – Best Duck Call in a Long Time

Everyone has their favorite duck call and the call they think is the best sounding call out there. My favorite call WAS an RNT original, that is, until I met Jay with Killer Kallz last Saturday in Stuttgart. Killer Kallz is a n...
by Matt Livingston



AGFC sets 2009-10 Arkansas Hunting Season Dates

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission set the hunting season dates for this years fall seasons.  A few notable items: antler restrictions in zones 16, 16A and 17 moved from 3-point rule to a 4-point rule zone 6 was split into ...
by Matt Livingston


2010 Arkansas Rut Report Map

Are the whitetails in your are rutting? Have you witnessed behavior indicative of the rut such as fresh scrapes, chasing activity or fighting? Or maybe, you haven’t seen anything at all, and you’re just wondering w...
by Ben Adams



Excel Boat Company Reopening

The tornadoes that ripped through much of Arkansas last year affected many people and businesses around the state. Team Excel in Clinton, Ark. — manufacturer of the famous Excel hunting and fishing boats — was one o...
by Matt Livingston



Arkansas Alligator Hunting

This big guy was just sent over to me and I thought all of you would like to take a look at one of the finest Arkansas alligator specimens you’ll ever lay eyes on. At 13 feet, 1 ¼ inches and 680 lbs., this behemoth was c...
by Matt Livingston


Boneless Duck Breast with Rice and Cumberland Sauce

We try to throw out seasonal recipes around here. That is, if it’s deer season, we’ll give you a great deer jerky recipe. Turkey season, we’ll throw out our favorite way to deep fry turkey. Well, it’s du...
by Ben Adams