published August 17, 2009 by Ben Adams

A Tale of a Turtle and a Trophy

Last Friday I guided Dan, an engineer, and his son, Justin, a pharmacy student. We were to meet at 7:30 AM at McDonalds. I arrived there fifteen minutes early and they were waiting for me in the parking lot.These guys were ready to fish.

I quickly went inside and grabbed a cup of coffee and a sausage biscuit. We loaded into our cars and headed for Rim Shoals. The weather was perfect. The sky was blue without a cloud in sight and the high for the day was forecast to be eighty one degrees. The water conditions were also perfect. They were running about 6,500 cubic feet per second or about two full generators, a perfect flow for drift fishing.

I rigged their rods with cerise San Juan worms, we loaded the boat and launched. On the first drift we landed three fish. It went like this all morning. On every drift, we caught several fish. At lunch, we had not had a single dry run (a drift without at least one fish).

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