published January 19, 2011 by Ben Adams

Arkansan Bags Kentucky State Record Turkey member Mike Poor harvested the Kentucky state record turkey for archery in Livingston, KY on December 18, 2010. The monster Eastern A-Typical wild turkey scored 109.1875 and featured four beards with a total length of 34.0625 inches, the longest beard equaling 11.5 inches. The turkey’s spurs were 1 inch long, and it weighed in at  just over 20 pounds.

Below you’ll find this turkey’s place in the record books, both Kentucky and in the world. Rankings below are for an Eastern A-Typical turkey taken with a bow in the United States.

#1 Kentucky for overall score

#12 all-time for overall score

#12 all-time for spurs

#32 all-time for weight

#4 all-time for total beard length

Check out the full story on Mike’s hunt from the South Arkansas leader. Arkansas Man Takes State Record (PDF) .

Come inside the Arkansas Hunting Forum to see more photos of the record-breaking turkey.

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