published July 26, 2009 by Ben Adams

Arkansas Bow Hunting: Preseason Checklist

It’s the middle of summer and bow hunting fever is upon me.

Arkansas bow hunting Early? Yeah, I know, it’s almost August, the heat index is still about 105 and the mosquitoes are still biting hard. But the fact is, it’s been five long months since I’ve taken my Hoyt to the woods, 148 days since I decked out in camo and climbed up into a tree, and even longer since I drew back on my last buck.

Surely there are others out there feeling the craving as bad as I.

Fortunately, there are a few things we can do RIGHT NOW to tide us over until October 1, as well as help improve our chances for a more successful Arkansas bow hunting season.

Never Too Early to Scout – The thick foliage of summer actually makes heavily traveled deer paths more visible, so now is a great time to scout for oft-used trails. In order to limit intrusion (and limit the chances you step on a copperhead) start by scouting for entrance/exit trails between wooded areas and clearings and/or fields. Pay special attention to whether or not a particular trail is linking a bedding area and food source. If it is, this is a good place to start focusing on for buck movement and potentially a good preliminary spot for one of your early stands.

Check out the rest of these preseason Arkansas bow hunting strategies in the hunting forum.

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