published September 16, 2010 by Ben Adams

Arkansas Bow Hunting – September Scouting Tactics

It’s less than two weeks before opening day. You’ve put in the time shooting your bow, geared up with the latest bells and whistles from your local outfitter, and you’ve probably even been to the woods a handful of times. But have you put in the kind of scouting that will make this October your best start to bow season ever?

Let’s look at a few ways you can make these next two weeks of September the most productive days you’ve ever spent in the woods.

Scout Recently Logged Areas: Don’t forget to scout any new logging areas on or around your property, especially those a couple of years old that have started regrowth. In many cases, these areas of brush piles, new vegetation, networks of accessible logging roads and areas of dense timber cover will naturally attract whitetails for bedding and cover. It creates a whitetail sanctuary, if you will. Obviously, if the area has just been cut, it’s not going to be the best spot. But as soon as new foliage begins to sprout, deer often love it. Many any the logging industry have told me nothing brings in whitetails like a recently logged area.

Travel Routes: A little known fact is that mature does and bucks will use a parallel route to the hot route. This secondary route can be within eyesight, or it can be 150 or so yards away. Keep that in mind when you are entering and exiting your stand. If you don’t, you could ruin your chances at a good buck by either spooking a deer on this alternative route, or spreading your scent along it.

Come inside the Arkansas Hunting Forum for more pre-season deer hunting scouting tips.

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