published October 20, 2009 by Matt Livingston

Arkansas Deer Hunting Stories

Arkansas Outdoors Online member, “Wesbob”, bagged himself a nice 12 point buck over the weekend. He sent us the pictures and the story below. If you want your Arkansas deer hunting story to be shown on our site, just sign up in our Arkansas Deer Hunting Forum and tell us your story. We’ll post your story and photos on the main page so you can really rub it in to your hunting buddies, friends and family.

Wesbob’s story:Arkansas-Deer-Hunting-Arkansas-Outdoors-Online

There is an 8 point that has been frequenting my bow stand, but has never stepped out during the daylight hours. On Saturday evening, I loaded up my Primitive Weapon, TC Encore Endeavor loaded with 150 grains of triple 7 and a 223 grain power belt bullet. I climbed back into my bow stand to give the buck one more chance to mess up. Around 6:00 that evening, the wind totally died and I had deer coming from every direction. I saw a flicker of a tail about 60 yards out, by the time I got the gun up he had vanished; he was headed away from me. I found a small hole in the woods about 100 yards out that I knew this deer would have to pass through if he stayed on the same trail. It felt like an eternity, but two or three minutes later, I spotted him. I was leaning out of my hang-on stand, holding the gun free-handed in my left hand and saw his head through the scope. It was time to shoot or never see him again. I took the shot and could see the belly when the smoke cleared. I had no idea how big he was, but I was as excited as I have ever been when I grabbed the rack for the first time.

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