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Arkansas Dove Season 2009: Limits, Dates and Tips

Arkansas dove season opens September 5, and excitement is building since this is really the kick-off season to several months of great hunting in The Natural State.  If you’re new to dove hunting, or maybe you just haven’t hit the field in a couple of seasons, here are some quick, essential tips to get you ready for some prime time wingshooting.

What to Hunt With: Your trusty 12 or 20 gauge shotgun will do just fine. An automatic is preferable since dove are fast fliers. And because dove are small in size, you’ll only need to hunt with a small load, such as 7 1/2 or 8 shot. If you’re new to the sport, or a bit rusty, you’re going to waste an embarrassing amount of shells, so buy several boxes. But, that’s what dove hunting is all about. Just have fun.

What to Wear: Dove have good eyesight and are very sensitive to movement, so matching your clothing to your surroundings is very important. Early in the season, If you’re going to be on a treeline or in green fields, that Mossy Oak or Realtree camo will do just fine. If you’re planning to hunt in harvested stalks or grain fields (especially later in the season when all the green has faded) then a duck hunting pattern may work a little better for you such as Shadowgrass/Wetlands/MAX 4.

Where to Hunt: Generally, dove avoid tall vegetation. Try recently harvested fields, along power lines and fence rows, around barns or other similar structures and even gravel spots, as they eat gravel to aid in digestion) Dove will also hold-up in small groups of trees for shade. Anywhere near a water-hole in these environments is a good bet, especially at dawn, as dove fly from the roost to the closest water source. The opposite is true at dusk.

If you don’t have a good place to hunt, you may be able to score a spot on AGFC dove hunting fields (see link below.)

Check out the Arkansas dove season dates, limits, regulations and contact info to inquire about AGFC-provided dove fields in the Arkansas Hunting Forum.

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