published October 15, 2008 by Matt Livingston

Tips for Better Arkansas Duck Hunting: Choke Tubes

I have had several people ask me, “What kind of choke do I need to shoot?” or “What kind of choke do you shoot?” Well as part of my series of tips for better Arkansas duck hunting, I have decided to take a look at an often overlooked aspect of duck hunting.

I personally shoot an improved modified Briley choke, but I know people who shoot full chokes and some that shoot improved chokes. The type of choke you need depends on the type of situation you most duck hunt, and simply the type of pattern you prefer. Choke Tube selection by Arkansas Outdoors Online

Lets say you duck hunt in some of those legendary Arkansas rice fields. Well, then I would recommend a full choke for shots out further than 40 yards. If you hunt in the Arkansas green timber then I would say shoot an improved choke. The article, continued over in the Arkansas Duck Hunting Forum, breaks down all factory chokes and aftermarket chokes for the perfect Arkansas duck hunt.

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