published November 19, 2008 by Matt Livingston

Tips for Arkansas Duck Hunting: Arkansas Public Land and Wildlife Refuges

For many people in the state, duck hunting Arkansas brings up images of a pit blind on a flooded rice field. But the reality for thousands of Arkansas duck hunters is hunting green timber on public land.

Arkansas wildlife refuges offer up some of the finest duck hunting in the world.Arkansas Outdoors Online, Flooded timber hunting at its finest
With private duck hunting land at a premium in the best “duck country” in Arkansas, many hunters have no choice but to hit one of at least 40 refuges in the state known for its Arkansas duck hunting.

Areas such as the White River National Wildlife refuge or Bayou Meto are two of the more well known public places to hunt (and the ones with the most hunters).

But other options for the Arkansas duck hunter are widely available if a little work is put into scouting. This tip is going to be the last in the series of Arkansas duck hunting tips since the season kicks off in 3 days. This tip for Arkansas duck hunting is covering Arkansas public land and Arkansas wildlife refuges, which offer you a good place to start your scouting. Read the article in full over in the Arkansas Duck Hunting Forum.

Remember, if you hit some of the state’s NWAs, you need an Arkansas Wildlife Refuge Permit. If you plan on hitting any of the rivers or bayous that criss-cross Arkansas’ wildlife refuges, you can also check out the Arkansas River Levels.

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