published January 8, 2009 by Ben Adams

Arkansas Fishing Report: 1/07

arkansas fishing report The best thing about Arkansas fishing this time of year is not so much that you can really catch a lot of fish … which you can. No, for me, it’s the fact that you can be on the lake for hours on end (and sometimes days) without ever laying eyes on another angler.

Check out this week’s Arkansas fishing report to take advantage of the low fishing pressure, and these unseasonably warm January days we’ve been having. You might not catch quite as many bass as you will in the months ahead, but there’s always a big lunker that’s looking for a meal, and you’d be surprised at how many fish you’ll have in your live-well at days end.

Fishing Tip: The temperature of most fishable bodies of water right now in Arkansas is pretty chilly, as cold as the mid-40’s in some areas, and fish are obviously sluggish. Working crankbaits and jigs in deep water as slow as you can possibly stand it will begin to entince cold-water bass more and more. This is a great time to try a little trolling too.

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