published January 1, 2009 by Ben Adams

Arkansas Fishing Report: 12/31

arkansas fishing reportWinter bass fishing is no easy task. Unlike spring and summer when fish are shallow and quick to bite, bass head to deep water and thick cover when the waters cool — and they can really make you work for a bite.

But you don’t have to wait until spring to hit the water. Here are a few Arkansas fishing tips for catching bass during the cold winter months.

  • The use of large, slow moving baits is the key. Winter bass fisherman often find success using large (up to 12 inch) worms and lizards with large pork trailers (up to 4 inch). Also, be sure to keep your retrieve as slow as you can stand it.
  • Try a 3/4-ounce football head spider jig in deep, open water. The weight of this jig will enable you to easily drag the bottom where the big bass will be. Look for rock ledges and other drop-offs especially.
  • In and around brush and other cover, cast a 3/8 ounce jig-n-pig with a frog trailer. Work it slowly, but don’t let it drag the bottom like you would with the spider jig.

Remember, winter can be a great time to fish. Arkansas fishing pressure is lower now than any other time of the year, and there is a good chance you’ll have the lake all to yourself.

Check out this week’s Arkansas fishing report from the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission in the Arkansas Fishing Forum.

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