published January 22, 2009 by Ben Adams

Arkansas Fishing Report: 1/21

Anglers are gearing up for the shad kill on the White River in North Arkansas. The bass are biting well on Wiggle Warts along rock banks on Beaver Lake in NWA. Crappie fishing is strong on Lake Dardanelle. And the trout fishing below the dam on Lake Catherine is excellent, as “guided trips routinely catch 50 or more trout per trip with numbers last week as high as 100 caught.”

arkanas fishing reportFishing Tip: Although many anglers shy away from high-visibility lines, they can be an excellent aid to detecting light strikes and keeping track of where your lure is. High-visibility lines rarely have any impact on fishing success in stained or muddy water or in areas with current. If you are fishing clear water and are afraid the bright color may affect your fishing success, tie a 3-foot leader of fluorocarbon between your line and the lure. This way, you can still benefit from the high-visibility line without spooking fish.

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