published July 10, 2012 by Matt Livingston

Arkansas Outdoors Online Redesign

We know alot of you tried to access the site over the past week and it was down, we apologize for the down time. We have been working hard on a redesign for the past several months and wanted to launch it soon. However, our web host provider did some unscheduled maintenance on our site to “upgrade” it to a new server. Well it failed and knocked us off line and we lost alot of data, mainly images in the hunting forum. We wanted to launch when the redesign was perfect so nothing would impact our user’s experience online but we just couldn’t face any more down time. So as you look through the redesign please know we are still working on it and please report any and all bugs you find.

The hunting forum was upgraded out of necessity and some things will be missing (not to point fingers but it is our OLD web hosts fault). The site is now hosted here in Arkansas on a shiny new server so we expect no more unscheduled downtime.

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