published October 18, 2010 by Ben Adams

Arkansas Pre-Rut Hunting Strategies

Deer hunters love to talk about the rut more than any other subject under the whitetail hunting umbrella. From the beginning of bow season (and even before), discussions ofbest scents for pre-rut deer rattling, grunting, chasing and scrapes are the topics of choice over morning coffee. By the time mid to late October rolls around, when the leaves are changing and the weather begins to cool, it might be harder to judge who’s more in heat: the hunters or the does.

But the fact is, the rut is not the only time to bag a buck. In fact, it may not even be the best time. Why? Because during the peak rut, you can throw all deer predictability out the window. Testosterone-frenzy dominates. All that scouting you’ve done for months goes by the wayside. While this certainly means bucks make more mistakes, for all of you relentless scouters out there, it can mean days of frustration and confusion.

However, during the pre-rut, you get the best of both worlds. Bucks are still fairly predictable (they still, for the most part, maintain feeding times, travel routes, bedding areas, etc.) but they do begin to move more often and  roam farther, and  their ever-growing curiosity for hot does and heated emotions toward  imposing bucks makes grunting, rattling, planting scents, etc.  all that more effective.

Let’s take a look at a few strategies for hunting the pre-rut in Arkansas. Come inside the Arkansas Hunting Forum for the full article.

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