published September 23, 2008 by Matt Livingston

Arkansas Teal Hunting

This article is from 2008, we thought we would bring it back up for it’s extremely helpful tips.Arkansas Teal Hunting is Popular, however you need to prepare

Lets face it, all Arkansas duck hunters have an addiction that is duck hunting and anything to do with duck hunting. However, only most the hardcore Arkansas duck hunters partake in Arkansas teal hunting.

There are a few bad things about Arkansas teal hunting. It’s hot; snakes are prevalent; and the addiction is only multiplied when that first limit of Arkansas teal leave the outdoors and arrive on the table.

A great write up in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette details Arkansas teal hunting and offers a nice little how-to guide as well. You can check it out in the Arkansas Duck Hunting Forum.

If you haven’t registered it is free and offers a wealth of information and also our first Arkansas Big Buck Contest.

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