published April 11, 2011 by Ben Adams

Arkansas Turkey Hunting: Luring Big Gobblers From Hens

One of the most common and frustrating problems you’ll face as a turkey hunter is dealing with stubborn toms — those gobblers that just won’t respond to
your calling no matter what how aggressive you go after them.

When you encounter this problem, chances are there are other hens in close proximity stealing your thunder. Because the tom your after is already grouped up with the opposite sex, there is no incentive for him to leave his current hen for you.

But don’t give up. One of the best strategies is to forget about the Tom and focus on calling-in his accompanying hens. If you can hear the other hens, try to get their attention by emulating their calls exactly — cluck for cluck and yelp for yelp. Oftentimes, this will garner the curiosity (and anger) of the hens enough that they will begin to migrate toward you. Of course, that means the tom your after will be right behind them.

If at first you don’t succeed, don’t hesitate to call more aggressively. Hawkish cuts and forceful yelps will often push the hens over the edge, making that tom as good as yours.

Remember, If you can gain the hens’ interest, you will earn that big-bearded gobbler’s interest as well.

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