published April 9, 2009 by Ben Adams

Arkansas Turkey Hunting Tip #3: Turkey Decoy Setup Strategy

Did you know that your turkey decoy setup can be as big a part of your turkey hunting success as a shotgun or turkey call?

Turkey Decoy Setup Tips from Arkansas Outdoors OnlineNow, no doubt you’ve heard the “horror stories” from hunters about how a  gobbler “hung up” while using decoys, meaning he came in to a certain distance gobbling his head off, but just sat back and waited for the hens (your decoys) to come to him. And because of instances like this, the disgruntled hunter, which may or may not have been you, probably declared that turkey decoys simply don’t work.

But don’t let one tough turkey undermine the many advantages of turkey decoy setups.

Most hunters will tell you: oftentimes the right turkey decoy setup can be the key factor between a successful hunt and a failed hunt. Decoys can not only act as the final straw that convinces a big tom that it’s time to strut his stuff, but they can also distract a gobbler from your presence altogether, which can come in handy if you make a flawed yelp, drop your striker, or just need to reposition yourself at the last moment.

Using decoys does not guarantee that you will take a big gobbler. However, when it comes to positioning your turkey decoy setup, there are a few things you can do to increase their effectiveness …

Come inside the Arkansas Turkey Hunting Forum to see the full list of turkey decoy setup tips.

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