published March 8, 2010 by Ben Adams

Arkansas Turkey Hunting Tips: Knowing the Call

The 2010 Arkansas turkey hunting season is only about a month away, and now is the perfect time to fine-tuning your turkey hunting strategies. Certainly, the most important aspect of turkey hunting is imitating wild turkey sounds as accurately as possible. No matter what kind of call you use (box, mouth, slate, etc.) one inaccurate mimic and you’re chance at a big tom can end before you even know what happened.

With Arkansas turkey hunting just weeks away, let’s take a look at some of the most common types of turkey sounds, what they mean, and when to use them.

Yelp or Cluck – The basic sound of a hen, you’ll hear hens yelp in a number of situations. The bottom line is, this is a great general call to alert gobblers to your presence and to start drawing him in. Cluck or yelp in counts of three to five.

Hen Cut – Similar to the yelp/cluck, yet louder and more urgent. Hens use this call when they are in search of other birds, and when they are excited.

Purr – The turkey’s version of a cat’s purr. Turkey’s make this soft rolling sound signifies contentment. You can keep n incoming turkey calm by mimicking its purr. Often you’ll hear feeding turkeys add a single cluck before the purr.

Check out the rest of the most common wild turkey sounds in the Arkansas turkey hunting forum.

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