published April 9, 2010 by Matt Livingston

Arkansas Turkey Hunting – Turkey Choke Review

Alot of our visitors have asked, “What kind of choke do I need to use for turkey hunting in Arkansas?”. Well we will clear the air and give first hand experience on the choke, shells, and gun we will be using this year. Our good friends at killer kallz also make some of the best chokes on the market, more specifically designed to shoot today’s modern heavy turkey loads.

Angle Porting is the name of the company, and they have been making chokes a lot longer than duck calls. We could discuss several more products they offer but for the sake of information we will stick to the Extreme Range Turkey Choke. I took several pictures while patterning this turkey choke, gun, and shells, but unfortunately I dropped the camera in the bar ditch right after I was done.

The gun I am using is a Remington 887 waterfowl edition, with 26 inch barrel, the Extreme Range Turkey Choke from Angle Porting, and the Federal Premium Mag Shok Hi Velocity Flitecontrol Turkey Loads, because as one review about the shells put it: “it kills everything: DEAD”.

Tests were done a couple weeks ago, temp was about 60 degrees, a light breeze out of the south at 2-3 mph, and it was 8:00 in the morning. We tried to keep it similar to a hunting situation except we were on a levee in a rice field. We patterned at 30, 40, and 50 yards, with only the 887 and the Fed Premium shells.
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