published December 16, 2008 by Ben Adams

The 14 Best Hunting Dogs

It’s true that the need for a good “huntin’ dog” may not be as great as it used to be around Arkansas.

Arkansas deer hunting restrictions. A dwindling upland game bird population. A depreciation of the Arkansas hunting sports such as coon hunting.

These are just a few factors that have nearly made extinct the practice of trading a hand-me-down shotgun or a jug of “special blend” for a champion pup, something that used to be common practice around these parts.

But, of course, every dog will have his day. There are still plenty of reasons to seek out a dog bred for Arkansas hunting (i.e. duck hunting). The only question is, which  breed?

Check out the 14 Best Hunting Dogs from Outdoor Life Magazine in the Arkansas Hunting and Fishing Forum.

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