published April 16, 2010 by Ben Adams

Best Wild Turkey Recipe

Fried Wild Turkey StripsIt’s turkey season in Arkansas, and maybe the only thing that gets the heart pumping as fast as an approaching gobbler is the sound of a hot deep-fryer and the smell of crispy, golden brown wild turkey breasts.

Whether your hard-work in the woods this spring has already paid-off, or you’re still after your hunting grounds’ “King Tom,” check out one of the best wild turkey recipes below:

Wild Turkey Recipe Ingredients

* 3 to 4 eggs

*1 cup milk

* salt and pepper

* wild turkey breast cut into strips (around 4 inches in length)

* Appropriate amount of flour for breading (depending on number of strips)

* oil (for deep frying or Fry Daddy)

Come inside the Arkansas Hunting Forum for the full wild turkey recipe!

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William Porter
William Porter

Saw the Wild turkey nuggets recipe posted on your site….I have the original recipe posted on my wild game recipes at www portercalls com along with some short stories, hunting storie and info on my turkey box calls.

Glad you folks enjoy the recipe.


Bill Porter
Wadesboro, NC


Well the recipe is quite a bit different, but you have a bunch of great recipes. Keep up the good work!