published September 24, 2012 by Ben Adams

Better safe than sorry!

As deer seasons all over the country are starting, this is just a friendly PSA from The Peavine to please be careful while in your chosen hunting spot. If you are going hunting, the first thing you should take with you even above your bow or gun is a safety vest. Some hunters may say the are too bulky or restrict your movement while hunting and these things may be true to some degree, but they can and will save your life! I’d rather fall out of my stand with one on than without, trust me. You want to live to hunt another day? Wear your safety harness.

Some harnesses can be pretty expensive. If you are in a spot where you can’t afford one, check out my friend Will’s Harnesses for Hunters program. I have posted about this awesome program before but it needs to be mentioned again. Will is going above and beyond for hunters he’ll more than likely never meet to keep them safe in the woods.

Your local Game and Fish authorities should have tree stand safety info available for free to any hunter. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s Tree Stand Safety Brochure can be viewed here.

There are even videos on the Internet you can watch like the one from that you can view here.

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