published June 23, 2009 by Ben Adams

Boat Launch Checklist

Boat Launch ChecklistThe other day I was guiding in the Catch and Release section at Rim Shoals. We had stopped for lunch and were sitting at a picnic table in the shade relaxing for a minute before returning to the water. I noticed a boater drive up to the ramp and launch his river boat. He drove his truck up and parked. As soon as he got to his boat, he scurried back to his pick up and backed back to the river. He had not put in his plug before launching and his boat was slowly sinking in the river.

Luckily he was able to get his boat back on the trailer and pull it out of the water before it sank. He let the water drain from his boat and then inserted his plug. He was able to return to the water and get a bit of fishing in.

It got me to thinking about my pre launch checklist. All boaters should have one. It is the mental exercise we go through before we back our boats into the water. There are a variety of tasks that must be performed before you are ready to launch.

Come inside the Arkansas Hunting and Fishing Forum to read the full boat launch checklist from fishing guide John Berry.

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