published November 3, 2009 by Matt Livingston

Calling Arkansas Ducks

Adding an extra caller in the mix can greatly enhance the realism of your spread and increase the number of birds in your bag. Our good friends over at DU have offered up excellent tips and creative ways to increase your success in the field, but teamwork can be the most useful tip when hunting Arkansas ducks.
Using RNT MVP for killing Arkansas Ducks

All things considered, two duck callers can be much more effective than one

Wether you blow a P.S. Olt or an RNT MVP, teamwork with your hunting buddy or buddies is imperative to calling in Arkansas ducks. The same factors can be true in multiples up to a given point, 3 callers are better than 2 and 4 better than 3, but anything more than 4 just gets chaotic at times and can do more harm than good.

“You can practice it [working with a teammate] but the best thing you can do is hunt together and learn what works that way,” says Curtis, a Missourian who spends a good part of each waterfowl season laboring as a guide. “When two people are calling, and you are working as a team, one can be calling like one or two different ducks, and the other can be calling another way. That sounds like several different ducks.”

Head over to the Arkansas duck hunting forum for the full article.

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Arkansas Duck Hunting

Makes sense to me. Another great bit of information!

Thanks again for such a great blog. Wish there were more great duck hunting blogs out there.

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