published February 8, 2010 by Ben Adams

Choosing the Best Fishing Rod For Bass

When it comes to choosing the best fishing rod for bass fishing, it all depends on the type of bass fishing you will be doing.

Because all bassing techniques are not created equal, you must first determine the advantages and disadvantages of rod action, rod length, etc. based on if you’re pitching or flipping, throwing spinnerbaits or buzz baits, fishing topwater or crankbaits, etc.

For some situations, a 7 foot rod is ideal, for others, a shorter 6 foot rod works best, such as if accuracy is your main objective.

Believe it or not, spring bass fishing is right around the corner, so now is a great time for a refresher course on choosing a bass rod.

Come inside and take a look at suggestions for the best bass fishing rods to use in a  variety of situations, from determining the correct “action” to choosing the rod length.

Choose the Best Fishing Rod for Bass

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