published December 16, 2010 by Ben Adams

Christmas Wild Duck Recipe

1 duck breast
1/2 tbsp rosemary
1-3 tbsp of olive oil
1 carrot, diced
1 onion, diced
1 stick celery, diced
6 oz red wine
6 oz chicken stock
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste


  • –Fill oven-proof frying pan or cast-iron skillet with shallow dose of olive oil (probably around 1-3 tbsp depending on your pan size.) Heat to medium.
  • –While pan is heating, season duck breast with salt, pepper and rosemary.
  • –Place duck into heated oil and lightly brown all sides.
  • –Add the diced onions, carrots and celery to the pan.
  • –Place pan into oven for anywhere from 10-25 minutes. This will depend on the size of the breast and how much you browned it in the previous step.
  • –Spoon excess fat from the pan (there may not be much), leaving the chopped vegetables in the pan, and add the red wine. Boil until reduced by two thirds.
  • –Add the stock and reduce again by two thirds. Taste and check the seasoning, then strain into serving jug.
  • –Carve the breast and use extra juice to cover.

Recipe is great served with rice and potatoes!

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