published January 12, 2010 by Ben Adams

Cold Weather Fishing Tips

How many fishing trips have you been on in your life that were ruined by cold weather?  I  can’t begin to remember how many times I have frozen to death trying to catch a fish.  Now that I am older, I sometimes wonder why I ever fished on those arctic weather days and always tried to justify my suffering to others and myself.  In reality though, I know exactly why I fish in inclement weather and the reason I  will continue to do so for as long as I am able.

The answer is simply that — like many of you — I am a fisherman. I love and live to fish, and I’ll do anything humanely possible to chase and catch fish. No expense has been spared or activity shunned that would aid me in the hunt for fish. Having said that, one of the least expensive and most helpful aids to a successful fishing venture is the hand warmer.

Often overlooked, a small pack of hand warmers can bring instant relief to numb hands and fingers that will put a sudden halt to any fishing trip. Regardless of how warm the rest of your body stays, if your hands and fingers keep freezing, you can’t fish and be comfortable. This also applies to your feet and toes. A small warmer pack is available and can be slipped into your boots that will keep your feet from going completely numb. These packs are cheap and are activated by simply removing them from the packaging and shaking them back and forth for a few seconds. They quickly warm and stay heated up to 8 to 10 hours.

Several companies make this product and I have never found one to be superior to another. You can buy different sizes and place them inside socks, gloves, boots, pockets, toboggins…. really anywhere you get cold. They don’t get hot enough to cause a fire and slowly grow cold.

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