published January 2, 2011 by Ben Adams

Columbia Omni Heat Wader Widgeon Jacket Review

When the temps drop during the winter hunting months in Arkansas, a cup of hot coffee, a warm stove and a comfortable recliner all sound pretty tempting. But, as we all know, big bucks and flying ducks aren’t taken while sitting in the living room. You have to be ready to hit the field in even the toughest conditions. After all, surviving the elements comfortably all starts with choosing the appropriate clothing for the conditions.

Because November through February in Arkansas brings such a varying array of weather — from cool 40 degree days to icy teen temperature mornings — nothing is more important than apparel that can handle a wide-range of extreme winter weather conditions. From insulated boots to lined-gloves and thermal headwear, lacking adequate attire can ruin a day of hunting all-together.

At the center of the winter weather wardrobe is, of course, the jacket. If you’re unable to keep you’re core warm and insulated, you can bet it won’t take long until you’re miserable and headed back to the house.

Whether bow hunting for late season bucks or wading in hip-high flooded timber for diving ducks, much emphasis needs to be put on finding apparel that is warm enough, and durable enough, to get you through the coldest temperatures of the season.

Enter the new Omni Heat Wader Widgeon Parka from Columbia. Come inside for the full Columbia Wader Widgeon Parka Review.

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