published December 23, 2008 by Matt Livingston

Why Do You Duck Hunt?

All duck hunters know someone that doesn’t duck hunt, and all of us have heard the question, “Why do you get out there and hunt?”

I would be lying if I answered with, “I do it just to kill ducks.” In reality, I, like most duck hunters, do it for so many other reasons: the Arkansas hunting memories; the friendships created; the joy of watching a good dog work; that smell of gun powder in the morning; and so many more reasons that non-hunters simply can’t understand.

Arkansas duck hunting is so much more than just a hobby or way to kill time; I believe it is a way of life, a pastime, a lifestyle, if you will. Sitting in a duck blind talking about things going on in our lives sure does beat sitting in our living rooms talking about what could be going on in the duck blind.

I have had the pleasure of duck hunting Arkansas with mixed company this duck season, and every day has been near perfect — whether or not I knew it at the time. The memories created and later shared over a cold beer are something that all duck hunters treasure, one of the few things that are rarely lost over the years, just like that perfect pair of wool socks.

One of the Arkansas Outdoors Online members started a thread about 2008 Arkansas hunting memories over in the Arkansas Hunting Forum. I felt obliged to do whatever I could to let some people tell their stories and memories. Whether from the duck blind, deer stand or boat, come share your favorite Arkansas hunting memories of the year.

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