published November 15, 2010 by Ben Adams

Do’s and Dont’s of Calling During the Rut

It’s true that at no time during the season will bucks respond so positively to your grunting and rattling than during the late pre-rut.

During this time, bucks are in dominance mode–aggressive toward any other bucks in their area–and that
means a couple of blows on the grunt, or a quick rattle of the antlers can send an already hot-under-the-collar buck into an all-out testosterone-induced fury.

But what about calling during the peak of the rut? Is grunting more effective or less effective? Should you rattle harder or softer? Are doe bleats effective? Should you grunt/rattle at all?

Well, there’s no doubt that calling during the peak is less fruitful than grunting during the final week or so leading up to it. At this point, the dominant attitude toward other bucks in the area seen during the late pre-rut has been redirected to chasing hot does that are ready to breed.

However, while peak rut calling can often be a frustrating effort, it’s not a totally lost cause.
The fact is, sometimes bucks are “between does” and will respond well to grunting, rattling and bleats.

Come inside to read more tips and techniques on how to catch the attention of peak rut bucks.

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