published April 22, 2010 by Ben Adams

Fishing Fallen Water

I recently guided a father and his daughter, Gerald and Laurie, for three days on the White and Norfork Rivers. It brought back memories of all of the fishing trips that I had with my daughter as she grew up. We spent a lot of time on Dry Run Creek and I still cherish the memories. The fact that, on the day after they left, my daughter, Katherine, her husband, Stewart, and my grand children John and Larkin were due for a visit, made it even more poignant. The first two days featured tough conditions. We experienced high water (seven generators on the White) and high wind (complete with lake wind advisories). We were due for a break.

On Friday night we had a significant thunder storm. I have a pretty good handle on this because my yellow lab, Ellie, is storm phobic and always spends the night in the bedroom with Lori and me, when we have a storm. I knew that the next day the river would be choked with muddy water from runoff and would be pretty much unfishable. Conventional wisdom under such conditions is to head upstream until you find clear water.

In most instances, the best place to start is the Catch and Release section below Bull Shoals Dam. The generation forecast for the day was for the Corps of Engineers to run seven full generators (over 21,000 cubic feet per second) for the entire twenty four hour period. As a result, we left the waders at the lodge.

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