published January 22, 2010 by Ben Adams

Fishing For Funds: Fly Fishermen Come Together

Once again the fishing community is closing ranks to take care of one of its own. Tiffany Johnson, the wife of local Cotter, AR fly fishing guide Chad Johnson, was diagnosed with invasive Meningioma tumors.

One of them was on her spinal cord and several are on her brain. She has been in intensive care or acute therapy since the Monday before Christmas. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor from her spinal cord. Tiffany spent almost 9 hours on the operating table to remove the six inch tumor from her spine.

Several sections of vertebrae were removed to allow the neurosurgeons access, which were then able to remove the tumor, of which, three inches was entwined in her spinal column. Tiffany is paralyzed from the waist down and has limited movement and feeling on her left side.

This surgery is so rare that we are told less than 100 have been performed worldwide. She will be hospitalized for quite a while. Tiffany will then face a further six months to eight of painful physical therapy in order to regain the ability to walk with the aid of a walker and twelve to fourteen months of therapy before she can walk unassisted. She also has to endure further surgery to remove the brain tumors.

Luckily all tumors are benign. She will require home care for some time and Chad has recently moved to a new home that is wheelchair accessible to prepare for Tiffany’s return from the hospital. The family is encountering a mountain of medical bills and has no health insurance.

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