Many lakes, rivers and streams have unique length limits and daily limits for certain species. Please check the AGFC Fishing Brochure for information.

Alligator Gar-1
No alligator gar greater than 36 inches may be taken from noon, May 1-noon, July 1, statewide. A permit is required, which is available at regional offices.

Black Bass10
Largemouth, spotted, smallmouth combined.

Smallmouth Bass- 4
Length limit in Ozark zone is 12 inches long; otherwise, length limit is 10 inches long. See Map of Ozark Zone.

Rock Bass- 10
Rock bass, Ozark bass and shadow bass, combined

Bream- 50
Bluegill, redear, longear, warmouth and other sunfishes combined. No daily limit on bream shorter than 4 inches.

Catfish- 10
Channel catfish, blue catfish and flathead catfish, combined. No daily limit on bullhead catfish.

Crappie- 30
Black crappie and white crappie, combined.

Paddlefish- 2

Pickerel- 6

Sauger- 6

Saugeye- 6

Shovelnose Sturgeon- No limit
Length limit is 21 inches or longer; harvest restricted between the main levees of the Mississippi River.

Striped Bass- 6
Hybrid stripers and striped bass combined.

Trout- 5
Rainbow trout, brown trout, cutthroat trout and brook trout, combined.

Walleye- 6
White Bass- 25

Yellow Bass- No limit

Daily Limit– The total limit of a certain fish species that may be taken in one day.
Possession Limit-Double Daily Limit-The maximum number of a certain fish species allowed in a person’s possession at any time, whether on their person or stored in another location. Fish that have been processed and are stored at a person’s legal residence do not count toward their possession limit.