published March 23, 2010 by Ben Adams

Fishing Reel and Rod Equipment Care

One of the least talked about, but most important, subjects in the world of fishing is proper care and use of your tackle. To me, there is nothing more essential than the care and proper use of your fishing tools … and that applies to expensive and cheap tackle alike.

Since there are many different kinds of equipment involved in everyday fishing, this discussion will feature rods and reels. I have thousands of dollars invested in rod and reels and to ensure I don’t invest another thousands of dollars, I always do my very best to ensure that they are well cared for and properly used.

Rod Care & Storage – It doesn’t take a genius to understand that a rod is made for hooking and fighting fish and doesn’t double as a boat paddle or a samurai sword. Follow these simple rules and your rod may outlive you.

I cringe every time I see someone lay a rod down in a boat or on the ground. There should never be an instance when this should occur; it’s the number one way for damage to occur. Before you know it, you have stepped on the rod and broken it or smashed an eyelet. I have rod tubes mounted all over my boat to insure that mishaps such as these are avoided.

As far as rod storage goes, I have cedar rod racks at home that have sturdy and padded areas for each of my rod and reel set-ups and these also match the furniture in the room.

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