published July 3, 2009 by Ben Adams

Fishing with a Strike Indicator

I often fish with a strike indicator and have my clients do the same. It is not that easy. It took me years to master the technique. There are many ways to fly fish that are easier such as swinging a soft hackle or a woolly bugger. What differentiates fishing with a strike indicator is that it is dead on effective when done properly.

The hard part for most novices is that you have to set the hook. This isn’t like crappie fishing where the bobber heads for the bottom and stays there. When fishing for trout, the strike is much more subtle, particularly when fishing a size eighteen or twenty two, as we often do here. The indicator may not go down at all. It might stop momentarily of move slightly up stream. When in doubt set the hook. There is just not that much time to think about it. You basically have a half a second to lift the rod.

Another aspect of fishing with a strike indicator that is difficult, is achieving a perfect drag free drift. The trout are basically lying on the bottom facing upstream. As the food comes down stream, they will take the morsels as they pass.

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