published April 6, 2010 by Ben Adams

Fly Fishing in Windy Conditions

Nothing ruins an otherwise perfect day of fly fishing faster than a strong wind.

Wind knots, inaccurate casts, and hours of fist-raising cursing of the skies can lead you to ask “Is this really worth it?”fly fishing wind

I know the feeling. Many a spring days I’ve had flies selected, rods rigged, lines cleaned, lunch-packed and truck gassed ready for a full day on the river only to walk outside and get punched in the nose by 25 mph gusts.

Unfortunately, this is typical for spring in Arkansas. However, by no means does this mean you have to stay home.

Just a few simple tips can remedy the frustrations of fly fishing on windy days and lead to success on your favorite trout fishing waterway. Today, I’ll cover casting with pesky crosswinds.

Crosswinds consist of any wind that is blowing from your left or right side, as opposed to in your face or at your back. If you’re a right-handed caster, the easiest way to cast with crosswind conditions is to position yourself so the wind is hitting you opposite of your rod side.

Come inside the Arkansas Fishing Forum to read tips and tricks for fly fishing in the wind.

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