How to Tie Fishing Line Knots

Tying fishing knots can be tricky, especially since different situations require different knots. To lend you a helping hand, we’ve selected the best videos on the internet for learning how to tie fishing line knots, both for spinning reel setups, as well as knots specifically for fly fishing such as tying backing, line, leaders and tippets.

Check out the videos for tying fishing knots below.

Albright Knot: Use to attach backing to fly line.                                       Improved Clinch Knot: Use for tying hook/lure to line or fly to tippet.

Nail Knot: Use to attach leader to fly line, or to attach backing to fly line.       No Name Knot: Fly fishing knot used to join leader to an existing loop.

Perfection Loop: Use for easy connection of fly line and leader.                Duncan Loop: Can be used for basically any & every connection!

Surgeon’s Knot: Use for leader to tippet connection.                                             Blood Knot: Also useful for leader to tippet connection.