published May 20, 2010 by Ben Adams

Fly Fishing: Loss of an Old Friend

I recently managed to lose my favorite fly rod. This is the rod that has been my primary fishing tool for over twenty years. It is the one that I kept in a double rod case with my wife, Lori’s, favorite fly rod by the front door, so that I could easily grab it on the way out to the river. It is a Sage 490 LL (four weight, nine foot Light Line). It was a nice light rod with a sensitive tip to protect the light tippets that I use for the tiny flies that we fish so much around here.

I could not tell you how many fish I have caught on it over the years. This rod has not been manufactured for over ten years and cannot be replaced.

As if that were not enough, there was an Orvis CFO 123 reel on the rod. This particular reel is also a personal favorite. The reel was manufactured in England by Hardy for Orvis and was based on an original design by Lee Wulff. It was light, had an adjustable drag and was a perfect match for the Light Line rod. It also has not been produced for several years and is irreplaceable.

Of course, it had an expensive fly line on it. Using this rod and reel, I landed a twenty inch brown just two days ago.

How did I lose this rod and reel? Well it is the usual story. Come inside the Arkansas Fishing Forum for the full story from Arkansas fishing guide John Berry.

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