published December 6, 2009 by Ben Adams

Fly Fishing: Tips on Choosing a Fly Reel

Until you hook a big fish, the fly reel is simply a line storage device.  However,hooking a lunker quickly turns it into the choosing a fly fishing reelmost important piece of gear you own.

There are a lot of different types of reels. When you go to a fly shop or look in a catalog there are literally dozens of choices. They vary widely in price, come in a variety of colors and shapes, and all make some pretty impressive claims.

From reels with single and interchangeable spools, to drag systems and arbor size, choosing the fly reel that best fits your needs can be tricky.

So … which one do you buy?

Taking a bit of time when choosing a fly reel and making sure it compliments your rod and your fishing style will help you become a better fly fisher.

Come inside for a breakdown of several different types of fly fishing reels and discover the advantages and disadvantages of  each one in the Arkansas Fishing Forum.

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