published November 29, 2009 by Ben Adams

Fly Fishing: When to Use a Sink Tip Line

If you only have one fly line it should be a weight forward floating line. If you buy a second line it should be a sink tip. The sink tip is basically the combination of a floating line (on the rear of the line) and a sinking line (on the front of the line).

The major advantage of the sink tip is that it will be easier to cast than a sinking line and still be able to deliver a fly deep into the depths of the body of water you are fishing. A sink tip will get a fly down deeper and faster than a floating line with weight on the leader. 

The sinking section can be various lengths (from four to thirty feet). Generally the longer the sinking section the deeper it will sink. When you buy a sink tip the package will indicate the length of the sinking section. There are also a variety of sink rates, Type I to Type VI, (it is also assigned a sink rate in inches per second). The higher the sink rate the faster it will sink.

This all sounds great but what sink tip should you buy? The sink tip that I have found the most useful is the ten foot Type VI. This is the one I use when I dredge the deeper holes on the White River or the Spring River.

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