published November 20, 2009 by Ben Adams

Golden Trout of the Norfork by John Berry

Last week I took Phil and three of his old college buddies fishing at Rim Shoals. Phil has a cabin on the Norfork and he brought his riverboat. The idea was to take the guys out and switch them around between Phil’s boat and mine so that they could get a couple of different takes on fishing the White River. They had fished the Norfork on the previous day and done well.

The day was near perfect. Though we had a cool start (fifty degrees when I left the house) the high was to be around seventy one that day. We had light winds in the morning and ten to fifteen mile per hour winds in the afternoon. There was light generation, around 3,500 cubic feet per second, that held steady all day.

We began the day with Monte and Paul in my boat. They were fairly inexperienced but enthusiastic. Monte was into fish almost immediately. Paul struggled on the first drift but boated five trout on the second. He was beginning to get the feel of it. The morning went well and we caught stacks of trout.

The guys saw something bright in the water and both sight cast to it. On his second attempt, Paul hooked it. As he brought it to the net, I got my first look at it. It was like no fish I had ever seen. Its back was a bright yellow and its belly was snow white. There was a garish pink stripe down its center. Though it was a rainbow, it looked more like something that belonged in an aquarium.

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