published July 14, 2017 by David Faulk

Gov. Hutchinson Appoints Stan Jones as New AGFC Commissioner

Stan Jones a long time native of Walnut Ridge AR has been recently appointed the Commissioner of the AGFC for a 7 year term.

Gov. Hutchinson talks on Jones; “As a fellow hunter and conservationist, I understand how critical it is to appoint a leader who dearly loves all the natural resources that Arkansas has to offer,”. “Stan has demonstrated a passion for stewarding Arkansas’ natural resources throughout his entire life.” Hutchinson goes on to say; “I’ve spent a lot of time around Stan in the last two years in the duck woods and around him,”. “I’ve seen how he knows the habitat. He appreciates and works to protect it, and that is the essence of a Game and Fish Commissioner.”.

Jones is a graduate of Arkansas State University, and serves on the chancellor cabinet there. Jones is a 5th generation farmer, farming more than 7,000 acres in northeast Arkansas. Jones is an owner of Banded Outdoors (Avery Outdoors), and also the owner of Stan Jones Mallard Lodge in Walnut Ridge.

Jones’ term will end in 2024. He replaced Fred Brown of Corning, AR.

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Jim Myers
Jim Myers

Does he bow hunt what is his thought on the future of public land an Ark . wma
for bow hunting for years to come