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Holiday Outdoor Gift Guide: Deer Hunting

Browning A-Bolt Stainless Hunter

Available in favorite deer hunting calibers — .243, .270, .308, 7mm-08 –, weighing under 7 lbs, featuring 22 and 23 inch barrels and costing under $800, the Browning A-Bolt Stainless Hunter delivers dependable, pinpoint accuracy that exceeds the stringent standards of the modern rifleman

Arkansas Outdoors Online Rating: Hunting Gear Reviews - Browning A-Bolt

Nikon® ProStaff™ Rifle Scopes

Nikon Scope outdoor gear reviews

BEST BARGAIN: Five star quality at a four star price, the Nikon ProStaff rifle scope will certainly be the only scope you’ll ever want or need. The ProStaff boosts light transmission up to an amazing 90% for extremely bright, high-resolution pictures unheard of in similarly priced scopes.

Arkansas Outdoors Online Rating: Hunting Gear Reviews - Browning A-Bolt

A-Way Bowgrunter Plus

hunting gear reviews - buck grunt

Grunt up that giant buck without ever having to take either hand off your bow or rifle. Between fumbling with doe bleats, binoculars, rattle bags and every other important deer hunting “accessory,” the A-Way Bowgrunter Plus attaches easily to your clothes and is a pleasant surprise of user-friendliness for deer hunting.

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Remington® Whitetail Pro® Core-Lokt® Centerfire Rifle Ammo

outdoor gear reviews - ammo

Stocking Stuffer: The Remington Core-Lokt design locks the progressively heavier jacket mid-section to the lead core, preventing separation, yet allowing maximum energy transfer. The result is a bullet that stays together on impact, expands in a controlled manner, and mushrooms uniformly to nearly twice the original diameter.

Arkansas Outdoors Online Rating: Hunting Gear Reviews - Browning A-Bolt

Hunting Journal

hunting journal - outdoor gear reviews

A hunting journal is perfect for recording hunting trip info like weather conditions, wildlife movement, mapping terrain, and other important hunting data. Also great for recording the sights and sounds of adventurous hunts to relive another day.

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